silver awards trust mark

Silver Awards Trust Mark: “Ethical Awards Scheme Accredited”

In order to achieve the second tier accreditation, The Silver Awards Trust Mark, the criteria for the Bronze Awards Trust Mark must also have been previously met:

Bronze Awards Trust Mark – Basic level: “Awards Trust Mark member”

  1. Awards should be open to all within a specified category (this can be restricted to members of an association etc. but restrictions must be disclosed)
  2. Judging must be fair and the process for judging must be clearly stated.
  3. All judges to be independent and not employed by companies that have a commercial interest in table sales, advertising etc.
  4. No compulsion that winners must attend the presentation event.
  5. The whole programme should be well organised, with full availability of dates, rules and other important information.
  6. Not charging for use of logo or promotion of a win.
  7. Providing quotes for press releases for all who ask.
  8. Winners being publicly declared (website etc.) within 7 days of decision.
  9. Fee transparency – all fees and costs declared on the website.
  10. Clear website – e.g. having the deadline date clearly visible on the homepage (a date not a countdown timer).
  11. Allowing entry forms to be viewable prior to having to pay an entry fee to gain access.

Silver Awards Trust Mark: “Ethical Awards Scheme Accredited”

  1. Giving feedback to entrants when asked.
  2. Non-disclosure agreements signed by judges.
  3. Clear scoring systems that removes bias and inconsistency.
  4. Application of code of conduct to be externally verified (admin fee and costs associated with this).


This level of accreditation requires verification by a member of the Independent Awards Standards Council. If you wish to apply for the Silver Trust Mark accreditation you can download the application form below.